The First Visit

Once upon a time... In Los Angeles Times, Travel Section, I came across an article “Destination with Lure"Aspens The article was about Bishop,  Eastern Sierra,  lakes near Bishop and – about fishing as well.  It was years ago, and prior this time I have never heard about Bishop.

Since that time I started to dream about going to Bishop.  Though fishing is not one of my hobbies, I was fascinated by this destination.   So, one October morning my husband and I with our grandson Danny – we decided to head on for Bishop.  Everything was exciting – new road, majestic Sierra Mountains to the left of the road, awesome Red Rock canyon, blue skies, and a fresh autumn air.

We arrived to Bishop in late afternoon, checked in to Days Inn (or something similar), and spent the rest of the day wandering around.  Frankly speaking, there is nothing special in Bishop itself: long main street (with the name “Main Street” as well) – part of 395 freeway, going through the town – city park, creek waving through green grass lawn, and a pond with wild ducks.

We had breakfast in the morning at McDonalds – all those pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and – my love - harsh brownies, which – I must admit - I cook better.  And we drove 17 miles into the mountains, climbing from 4000 feet up to 8000, where deep blue lake Sabrina mushroompeacefully laid among the mountains.  Golden aspens surrounded the lake.  And it seemed that we could find those beautiful redhead mushrooms in the grass under these trees.  But – alas! – there were not any mushrooms there.

We didn’t have any map or trails; we did not have any hint where to go, so our choice was the Blue Lake, something about 3 miles from lake Sabrina, as one of the hiker told us.  We were not prepared; we had only a couple of bottles water, and no other food, or snack.  We didn’t think it would take too much time. And on our way there were a lot of springs, jumping from the icy tops of the mountains, so we could fill out bottles there.

So – Blue Lake!  The way was hard; it was not simply 3 miles, but 3 miles higher and higher, up to the elevation of 11000 feet.  And we made it, though it was not an easy trip.  By walking higher we saw the noticeable changes in the landscape – golden aspens near Sabrina Lake, lush vegetations higher, small and curved pine-trees, and the naked stones at the end.

And – at last – Blue Lake was in front of us, and the surrounding stones were mirrored in its waters.  We reached our goal!  We had a short rest (we needed to return to Los Angeles the same day), and turned back.  This way – strange enough – was only a bit easier than the way to the lake, and almost as long as the latter.  We were awfully tired, but happy.

Since that time Bishop is one of our favorite destinations.  We come there for walking and hiking around beautiful lakes, we sleep there on our way to Northern California, to the Lake Tahoe, we pass Bishop on our way to Mammoth Lakes.  And we always bring home wonderful special bread from Eric Schat’s Bakery.
So, Bishop is in our hearts!  And – forever!

More Eastern Sierra Pictures! Gorgeous!


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