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It was always a hint of mystery in this name – since the time I passed this station in my youth.  Its name changed, but the mystery was hold deeply inside. Station Dvorets SovetovMystery of Moscow metro – like ghost station between Oktyabrskaya and Leninskiy Prospect (future Shabolovskaya station).

And there was mystery, indeed.  The palace was planned to be built there, but they’ve never remembered about it in my time – i.e. in 60th or 70th….Something has been changed.  And all the students (at school and at the universities) learned a lot of communist theories – from Marxism through Leninism, and even further – to Stalinism.  Though Stalinism was out of the scene at those days, after XX meeting of CPSU....  So, we learned political economy, Marx and Lenin philosophy, and even Scientific Communism. (who will tell me what it was all about – though I managed to get A at the end of the class).  And we knew nothing about Palace of Soviets.  Communists had their own goal.

Palace of Soviets

By the way, I’ve met communists here, in United States.  I used to know a couple, who were (and they still are!) communists (sic!).  At least, they named themselves that way.  They were pretty much prosperous, have enough money on their account, and besides had some real estate properties.
I don’t know exactly what there belief was about, and I never tried to argue with them – I don’t think I could match my life experience under communist regime with their dreams.
But I don’t think that they planned to share their property with a few (or many if you want) of homeless, who are populated Santa Monica beaches. (Yes, they live in Santa Monica).

So, about the palace.  It supposed to be a unique and magnificent building with Lenin’s statue on the top.  The highest building of the world.  Higher than Eiffel tower, higher than Empire State building – to show the whole world the majesty of communism and prosperity of the first communist state.



Russian Consulate
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