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It is a beautiful place, my favorite in Moscow – big square near the Kievsky Railway Station.  The high building stands nearby, decorated with white ceramic tiles.  Once I lived there, on the 11th floor with windows looking to the Moskva-River and the dimmed silhouette of Moscow University on the Vorobievy (Sparrow) Hills on the horizon.

Kievsky Vokzal
I think this photo is taken from one of the apartments of my house

This building is near the Borodinsky bridge, and we also see to the right a small park with a monument in its center.  This monument (and the park itself) is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Russian-Ukrainian Union.  Yes, there was unified Russia at that time, and Ukraine (Malorossya, Little Russia – so it was named before) was the part of Russian Empire, and later – the part of the Soviet Union.  50 years didn’t pass since the monument was erected, but the countries separated again.  May be, we’ll witness their new union – who knows?






Russian Consulate
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