Stations, entrance halls, ground pavilions, and transit passageways of the Moscow Metro are decorated mostly with various kinds and sorts of decorative stones, such as marble, granite, calciphyry, labrador, etc.  There is widely used light marble from Koelga Deposit in Karelia [Chistye Prudy, Lubyanka, Frunzenskaya, Kurskaya of the Circle Line, etc.] and from the Ufaley Deposit in the Ural [e.g. Chistye Prudy].  Stations are also faced with Shoksha crimson quartzite [Baumanskaya], Biyk-Yakov marble of warm shades from the Crimea [Krasnoselskaya, Krasnye Vorota], breccia, or marble crumbs [Komsomolskaya of the radial line, Park Pobedy], Vyborg granite [Biblioteka im. Lenina, walls of Lubyanka], meat-red marble with veins from the Siliete Deposit [Frunzenskaya] and red pattern of white, which looks like embroidery on Russian shirt  [Paveletskaya of the Circle Line], and other kind of stones.
There are stations in the Moscow metro where metal plays a significant role in decoration.  The striking example is Mayakovskaya.
Various kinds of glass, gilt, and even semiprecious minerals were used for decorating the stations of the 1st-3rd phases.

Columns are decorated with stainless steel


Oktyabrskaya of the Circle Line.
Ventilation bar


Biblioteka imeni Lenina.
Fossilized cone shell Crimean marble-like limestone




Florentine mosaic on the wall

Bas-relief "Battle".
Ploshchad Revolyutsii
Signal sailor from Marat cruiser


Russian Consulate
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