How do I get from the airport to the city centre?
If you travel to/from Sheremetievo airport, you can take an express train that operates between Sheremetievo airport and Belorussky railway station (Belorusskaya metro station, Circle line). Bus and taxi services are also available.
You can also easily get to or from Domodedovo airport at any time. Click here for more information.

Are there toilets in Moscow metro?
No, there are no toilets for passengers in Moscow metro.

Who is responsible for giving names to new metro stations?
According to Moscow city regulations, Moscow city committee that is in charge of giving names to streets and new metro stations.

Can I take photographs in metro? How can I get a permission for shooting and how much does it cost?
Amateur photography (without using stationery equipment and professional cameras, permitted body height - under 140 mm and/or lens length under 100 mm) in Moscow metro is allowed and therefore no permission is necessary.
To obtain a permission for professional photography, send a letter on the company’s letterhead to the head of Moscow metro Dmitry Gaev to this fax: +7 (495) 631-3744 (telephone: +7 (495) 688-0291) and state the following: purpose of the filming, date, location (station), equipment and name of the person responsible for shooting.
The staff of Moscow metro PR department will get in touch with the person responsible for shooting within 5-10 working days and advise him on further actions.

Do you have a metro museum? Where is it located?
Moscow metro museum occupies the first and the second floor of Sportivnaya station south vestibule (36, Khamovnichesky val). For more information, click here.

Is it possible to travel with bicycles in metro?
Moscow metro regulations prohibit transportation of bicycles or other means of transport, excepting wheelchairs and baby carriages. Bicycles can be carried as luggage when they are dismantled and packed.

How do I use a smart card?
Smart cards should be handled with care. To go through the turnstile, put the smart card to the card reader and pass when the green light is on. To pass through the turnstile with the same card again, you’ll need to wait 7 minutes.

What shall I do if the smart card doesn’t work?
If the smart card fails, try it again with the same turnstile. If it fails again, use a card reader in the station vestibule to check the card. If the card is valid, address anyone in the metro ticket office.
Smart cards should be handled with care. Don’t expose them to extreme temperatures, moisten, bend or keep near magnets.
If a card was damaged by the passenger, it can be restored. Passenger will only have to pay for a new card and the number of trips left on the damaged card will be encoded to the new card. Once this card expires, passengers can give it back to metro ticket office and get the money for the smart card back.

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