I’ve met her in the endless corridors of Cedars-Sinai Edith FlaggMedical Center – that tiny lady in regular volunteering uniform: light blue jacket and white pants.  We usually exchanged with a few words accompanied by a polite smile.

It was purely accidental conversation, being inspired by one of our patient, Romanian by origin.  And my phones didn’t call crazy at that time, so I could listen to her for a few moments.  “I am from Romania” – muttered she slowly.  And then continued about her father who was a photographer at the time of war, about herself  - how she left to Vienna from parents home when she was only 15, how the war started and so on…
I listened to her in amazement.  It was something!
And a few minutes later, when I saw her again, I asked how I can write down story of her life.  “Oh, there is a book!” – She replied, and brought me the book in a quarter of an hour..

Tiny girl from intelligent Jewish family, fluently speaking German, French, Hebrew and – of course – Romanian, all of a sudden happened to be in the center of the war. .  The war got her in Austria, and her ordeal lasted all the following years, till the very end of the war.  One can not believe those sufferings young girl could bear. For years she was a member of a Dutch Resistance. Only her unbendable spirit helped her to survive.

Book“Simple Girl” – she named herself this way.  Yes, she is the same, the simple girl, but grown now.  I’d never suppose that I was talking with the famous designer, owner of multimillion company.

Her grandson, Josh Flagg, put her stories on the paper and published a book – “A Simple Girl . Stories My Grandmother Told Me”

You can buy this book here






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