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MOSCOW. MELNIKOV'S HOUSE - Aliens in the Center of the City

This notorious house stands quietly Melnikovbehind the fussy street where sellers try to sell everything to tourists, from paintings of Russian churches to Matreshaka’s (Russian dolls), from communist’s signs to T-shirts with hammer and sicle, etc,. etc., etc.

But let us turn to the right, to the quiet side street, Krivokolennyj pereulok, and see the famous cylinders squeezed like in Procrustean bed between the new 5-story buildings.  Its creator was the famous Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov, and the house was the last private house that was built in post-revolutionary Russia.

Melnikov said:  "To be a real architect, one need not only draw well, but also beautifully think, and beautifully live and work.  Whatever created by human sprit – not by hands and not even by brains – is priceless."

He fulfilled his concepts in this building, which was – as he thought – to be a typical project for a new city – city for working people.  He dreamed houses-beehives, glued to each other, with numerous hexagonal windows bringing air and light.  Interior design is very unpredicted, too – open patios, variable-sized rooms, narrow mysterious stairwells. 

The city was not build, however, but the house – this house – stand here as a reminder of that wonderful dream.

More about this house (in Russian only, but the pictures are amazinng!) - click on the photo below.

K Melnikov in his house (photo by A.Rodchenko)







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