Not that I came from nowhere – Pioneersas proudly told my friend, Alex Rudenko, on his Web site, and I can repeat these words after him. I came from Moscow, Russia. I lived the most part of my life under a communist regime. I raised and developed in the pioneer red tie, under the shadows of scarlet banners, under beat of drums and sounds of pioneer-horn.

I was grown under the portraits of mustached communist leaders, delightful crowds of demonstrators on the May 1st and November 7th, and poorly illuminated streets; among the young communists meetings, and anathemas to dissidents. I lived there in the years of friendly gatherings at the kitchens, typewriting copying of forbidden literature, secret listening of foreign radios, and sympathy to the Eastern block countries rebellions.

I'm a child of that terrible time, I think it'll stay with me forever ("bitten by communism" - as ironically told my own son, though not about me). The whole epoch is going away, less and less witnesses are still alive, and I'll try to tell about that time as much as I can.






Russian Consulate
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