A prestigious piano competition was held in Moscow where a young American won not only the first prize, but the hearts of Russians.  They adored him, the slim charming boy with wavy bulky hair and kindly named him “Vanya” changing his name in Russian fashion.  And all cold war barriers were broken in this truthful union of hearts.

Who was he? What was the competition?  And when? (Hint:  click here to see the picture)


The building of Cathedral - for those who was born and raised during the Communist regime this scene looks unknown, unbelievable and impossible.  But it was true – as you can see on this picture. 

But what was on that place before?



This item is exhibited in Los Angeles (in Canoga Park, to be more exact), on the premises of big corporation

What is this?


Click for the music!

This music was used in one of American movies, though was not written for it.  In my opinion, it enhanced the movie immensely.
So, here is the question:

Who was the composer, and what is the name of this music piece and the name of the movie?.  (Hint - here!)


stained_glassThis famous artist was born in a remote part of the enormous Russian Empire. After the revolution he was State Minister of Art in his native town and afterwards, in early 20th, he was an art teacher in a foster home in one of Moscow suburbs.  Now his masterpieces and stained glass compositions are well known by everyone

Who was he? (You can see one of his stained glass works)


Once upon a time…. Cool April day in Moscow, excited people crowded on the streets, spontaneous demonstration…  The first manned flight to cosmos!  Demonstration

When was it and what was the name of the first astronaut?



On this picture you see two men whose names are related very closely to the space developments in the Soviet Union. 

Can you recognize them?




Answers are here!

Russian Consulate
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