The First Visit

One hot summer day when we were on vacations at Lake Tahoe, I was browsing lazily the map of the lake with all the surroundings.Squaw Valley Map

Suddenly, my eyes crossed over two words: “Squaw Valley”.
- Squaw Valley? – I muttered thoughtfully.  – Sounds slightly familiar.  Something was there.  Long ago…  Very long ago…  Some kind of competition, may be?

- Oh, come on! – my husband, Dima, who caught my message, responded,. – Don’t you remember?  It was Winter Olympic Games there!  In 1960!

All of a sudden, the fog, tightly surrounding my brains, started to dissolve, little by little, beginning to go away, to disappear, and the pictures of the past appeared alive in front of my eyes:  black-and-white TV screen with all the competitions, radio broadcasting, newspapers, pictures, names, and names, and more names…

So, it was here!  And we can visit the place as easily as any of the Moscow suburbs of my childhood some 40 years ago! 
“Let’s go then!”  I exclaimed, and without delay we drove to the Squaw Valley.  It wasn’t far – about 40 minutes drive from South Tahoe, all the while enhancing my excitement level.

Suddenly, there it was!  Picturesque Squaw Valley! The Valley rested peacefully in front of us – calm and solemn as this warm summer evening.  We drove to the center of the Village, which was quiet and deserted at that time, and took a gondola to the top of the hill along with a few more visitors.  The view was gorgeous, and we made a promise to each other to return to this wonderland.


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