Olympic Museum

And the most astonishing thing here, on the top of the mountain, is the Olympic museum, right near the skating-rink!  Olympic MuseumWe see the history of the Valley, the whole chronicle of the Games here, and whatever I saw and knew about the Games back in 1960 in Moscow, I now see from the other side of the glass.

Any visitor here knew that America’s hockey team won the Olympics.  “Russians lost” – they told us with sympathy. Yes, we know it as well, though our team was one of the main contenders for the golden medal – they were the first in the previous Olympics, in Cortina d’Ampezzo. 

We saw pictures of Belousova and Protopopov (figure skating) while they are doing their famous todes - one of the figures on ice.  The caption was:  “Russian style figure skating”.  Despite taking the 9th place they were still noticed: in the next games, in Insbrook, they came in the first place, 4 years later, in Grenoble, likewise they came in the 1st place, as well as numerous victories on the European and World championships.

All 3 winners – Russian names: Maria Gusakova, Lubov Baranova, Radja Eroshina.  Cross-country skiing, 10 km distance.  Тhe article said:  “Russian women took all the medals”. 

Olympic Figure Skating
Olympic Figure Skating







Russian Consulate
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