Squaw Valley Olympic Games

Construction started, and all the bridges, highways, chairlifts, ski tracks, hotels, official building and the rest were built in time, and the Valley was waiting for the guests.  Squaw Valley Tower of NationsEverything was fine, but… What a bad luck!  Due to recent rainfalls the mountains were covered only with a thin layer of snow, and it was discussed how to deliver it from other sites, or how to make the artificial one.

However, miracles happen sometimes, and just on the opening day of the Games snowfall has burst.  Snow was falling and falling generously, and there were concerns about traffic jams on the roads.  But at the very moment of the Vice President Richard Nixon speech when he declared the Games officially opened, the sky cleared, and sun shined.  And two thousand doves were let fly into the air, like symbols of unity and peace.  And Carol Heiss, the future champion in figure skating, took the Olympic oath on behalf of all athletes participated in Games.  Thus it has been started, and Cushing couldn’t hide the tears of joy, streaming down his cheeks…

…We are standing now in the front of Tower of Nations, on the crossing with Highway 89.  I can’t believe that looking glass has broken, and we are at the other side of it, in the magic fairy world.







Russian Consulate
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